Healthy Eating and Exercise

by Bella Rum

Eating healthy seems to be an oxymoron for me. The two just haven’t gone together since I moved back home. This place is a landmine when it comes to food. I was raised on Southern cooking and I love it, but recently it has taken a toll. Zaftig – that’s me.
I can’t take a step, can’t make it through one single day, can’t get through even one meal without eating something cooked with a ham hock, seasoned with bacon fat, slathered in butter, or sauteed in grease of some sort. It’s a nightmare, and the worst is that I love it because it’s what I ate as a kid; it’s comfort food. Dad has lived ninety years slurping up this stuff.
The other day, The Husband said, “Your Dad will outlive us if we keep eating like this.” He’s right. The Husband does work out just about every day though. He loves it. He’s in pretty good shape, and he eats these horrible oat bran muffins every morning. They keep his cholesterol fairly stable by making him shit his insides out everyday – pretty effective actually. I’ll post the recipe one day, but make sure you’re in close proximity to a toilet when you decide to try them.
I bet my cholesterol has risen twenty points at least. I’ve gained – well, there’s nothing that says I have to tell you what I weigh. Let’s just say the scales tell a much different story than they did last year this time.
Unlike the Husband, I loath exercise, despise it. I would have litter-bearers carry me to the bathroom if I could arrange it. I really have to start walking every day and eating low fat again. I’m trying to get myself in gear to do just that. Fall is here and if global warming will ease up just enough to make it bearable, I plan to start walking every morning…..soon.
Yes, that’s my promise to myself.
Eat healthy and exercise.
Yep, that’s it.
Recipe to follow….soon.