The Visit

by Bella Rum

Tomorrow I will step foot in my own house for the first time in many months. The last time I was there it felt strange. I was by myself and as I walked through the house, it seemed as if it belonged to someone else who lived a very different life, a very long time ago.

It was as if the entire house was caught in a time warp, from the pictures on the walls, to the flowers in the flower beds, to the photos sitting by my bed. Everything was still just as it was the day I walked out and never looked back.

I’m so entrenched in my life here that I was caught by surprise when I was suddenly overwhelmed with emotion as I walked from room to room, remembering when The Husband and I painted that room, hung that mirror, or stained that deck.

My house is only about 80 miles away, so it isn’t impossible for me to go there occasionally, but I just can’t. I have to live here or there. I can not keep one foot in each place; more importantly, my heart can not be in two places. That’s what I learned that day.

This weekend will be wonderful. I will get to see my son and his wife and my granddaughter. I will slurp up every single drop of my granddaughter’s adorableness. The Husband and I will enjoy being in our own home and just being a family.

On Monday they will drive north, and we will drive south, in the opposite direction.