Decking The Halls

by Bella Rum

This has been one of those weekends that turned out better than I thought it would. It started out a little rocky on Thursday because this was the first Thanksgiving without my sister, but it turned around last night.

I purchased a small tree last week – a very small tree. After making the trip up to our house yesterday to do a little maintenance around the place, The Husband and I brought some of our ornaments back with us. We certainly had far too many ornaments for this tiny tree, but we chose some of our favorites, and by the time we finished we officially declared it to be the cutest tree in the entire world. We placed it where Dad can see it all the time. I was surprised to see how much he enjoyed watching us decorate it. It made me enjoy it even more.

Today I decorated the mantle and it’s very red. More subtle colors are used more and more frequently at Christmastime now (tasteful Martha Stewart bronzes or apple greens). They’re fine but I just can’t seem to get away from the red. I believe it may be my favorite color, but as my sister used to tell me, “A little goes a long way.” Well, right now we have enough red to pave route 66.

The Husband attached a wreath over the mantle for me. I placed a lovely, life-like, long needled pine garland across the mantle, and two brass candlesticks at each end. (Dad made the larger set of candlesticks himself and they are gorgeous, and heavy – very heavy. Scarlett really could kill someone in the parlor with these.) You’ll notice that the wreath has red poinsettias on it and the candles are red and the bows at each end of the mantle are red and the stockings are red. Okay, okay. What can I say? It’s Christmas.

I even listened to some Christmas carols. I’m a sucker for White Christmas and Silent Night and Silver Bells.

So, now that the halls are decked, I guess there’s no stopping the march toward the big day.