Handy Haunts

by Bella Rum

Christmas pudding weighing itself.

I’ve found a new site, The Daily Plate, that may be interesting. It can be found on the list of “Handy Haunts” in the sidebar. It’s yet another tool in our quest for fitness, weight loss and a healthy diet. I’m beginning to look a bit like that plum pudding over there.

It has a calorie counter and a place to keep your food diary. It also has support groups that ….well…. support you in your endeavor to reach your personal goal. These groups distinguish themselves with descriptive titles such as: Did you exercise today, 100+ pounds to lose, Diabetics-R-Us, 20 somethings, and (my personal favorite), 30/60. 30/60 is a reference not only to the number of pounds you wish to lose, 30 to 60, but the number of years you’ve lived on this planet, 30 to 60. This is definitely my group.

Now, don’t assume for one minute that I’ve started any sort of self improvement program or weight loss program without telling you first. No, no, no. It would be a mistake to think that. I’m just mulling it over, trying to get into the right frame of mind. I don’t want to rush this. I mean it would just be impulsive to jump head first into pursuing good health. Let’s not get crazy here.

I’m looking toward the first of the year as a time when I may actually think more strongly about thinking more strongly about improving my pitiful lifestyle. This will require getting into a better frame of mind. I’ve been in a (not to overuse the word but) pitiful frame of mind for some time now. If you haven’t figured it out, “pitiful frame of mind” is nothing more than a euphemism for depressed and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

This blog has become depressing enough as it is, and I plan to perk it up in the New Year. You know, pulling up the old boot straps and all that – yet another euphemism for stop whining and start moving forward. I’m sorry; is “moving forward” a euphemism too? We now live in a culture with so many catch phrases that I can no longer tell if something came from my own thought processes, or if someone else out there processed it for me. It’s sort of like processed cheese. By the time it gets to our table we’re not exactly sure where it came from. I mean, do any of us really think that Velveetahas a single drop of anything from an actual living cow? Of course, you could use it in place of those synthetic carpet squares in your garage.

I must stop now. This is going nowhere.

In case I’ve been ambiguous, I would like to take this time to make myself perfectly clear. I will be thinking of thinking about thinking more strongly about getting fit in the New Year. This does not mean that I will actually get fit in the New Year, however, it does not preclude it.

How ’bout you?