The New "Normal"

by Bella Rum

I was watching Food Network on Saturday morning when H walked in. It was the first time he had seen Nigella. After a few minutes of watching…

H ~ She’s attractive.

Me ~ Yes, she is.

~ (feeling a need to qualify) I mean, she isn’t skinny like so many women on television.

Me ~ No, she isn’t pencil-thin. She looks more normal.

H ~ (out of left field) Giada is normal.

Me ~ Um, well I would say that she’s attractive, but she certainly isn’t what most women look like.

H ~ (completely serious) Well, she has boobs.

Me ~ …

H ~ Well, you know what I’m saying.

Me ~ …

H ~ I’m just saying, she has boobs.

Me ~ Yes, she has boobs, and most women have boobs. I guess that could be equated with “normal.”

Pregnant Pause

H ~ I’m just sayin’.


In his defense, I think he was trying to say that on television, movies and print, women often look like adolescent boys – sexless – but he just couldn’t seem to bring it all together. Then again, maybe I’m giving him too much credit. Maybe he was simply trying to point out that Giada has boobs, which in the vast landscape of his male psyche may have seemed like a cogent point at the time.