by Bella Rum

I have a DVD that I can use when the weather doesn’t permit walking outside, but we live in a beautiful place, and I prefer walking outside whenever possible. I get so much more for my effort. It does as much for my spirit as it does for my body.

The Husband is still walking with me everyday, and we find that this is often one of the only times during the day that we focus on each other, talk about our lives – past, present and future. So even though the weather is not quite as accommodating as it was a few weeks ago, we find that we’re loath to give it up. I don’t know how much longer that will last.

The fires in North Carolina are still filling our air with smoke, but it should get better soon. It’s hard to believe it can travel this far. We’ve had some days, depending on which way the wind blows, when sticking your head out the door was akin to putting your nose in an ashtray. On those days the stench is awful, and it makes breathing difficult. When you combine this with the heat and humidity, it doesn’t make for a pleasant walk. Still, we’ve continued to walk everyday. This should tell you how much it means to us.

The route we follow is tranquil and beautiful. In places along our walk, hundred year old trees reach across the road to one another until they meet, creating a cathedral effect. It’s so quiet that you can hear the birds singing, and often there’s a breeze coming off the river. Every morning we see three little rabbits in the same place, near a garden that has been fenced in. *smile*

Not only the walk, but our willingness to make it a priority has been a good thing. It seems to be such a simple thing, but so many things that seem simple around here are anything but. It often feels easier to give in, let things go that should be a priority, and do what needs to be done at the moment instead. Sometimes this is a necessity, but often it isn’t the best choice in the long run. I’m beginning to see that now.

I know the morning will arrive soon when I’ll look at the thermometer, and the mercury will have already risen to unacceptable temperatures by 6 AM. The air will be thick and wet, and the slightest movement will be like turtles swimming through warm jell-o. I’ll know that the time has arrived to give up the ghost and remove the exercise DVD from its case. The Husband will check in with Billy Blanks and his Tae Bo workout, as he does every morning anyway. Then we’ll grudgingly give into it, hunker down, and lie in wait for autumn. Until that day, we’ll keep our appointment with the rabbits and the breeze that comes in off the water.