Bella, wanna Apple?

by Bella Rum

It’s a little after 2:00 a.m. and I can hear the Mormon’s dogs across the creek. They’re barking into the night. Probably a raccoon. We’ve had a lot of them this summer. They didn’t wake me. I was already up. I’m determined to turn this insomnia thing into a positive. Perhaps I’ll take up making potholders or start polishing the candle sticks in the middle of the night. I suffer from that puritanical thing that makes me think I should be doing something productive all the time.

Was it Ben Franklin who wanted a tax on every window built with shutters in order to discourage shutters. His idea was that if the light couldn’t be kept out by the use of shutters, people wouldn’t sleep late. Didn’t he also come up with daylight savings time to avoid the cost of burning candles and lamp oil in the evening?

We own some property out in the boonies. We grow timber on it – passive income – and it came to maturity this year. We sold it recently. After the cost of reforesting the property and setting some aside for taxes, the rest will be a windfall of sorts. After the lucky fridge fire at our house, we need a new refrigerator. Even though we aren’t living there, we need to replace it because my son and his family will be visiting soon. We plan to spend a few days with them there, and we can’t do that without replacing the refrigerator. I’m lusting after a new computer. So that will be the other purchase. The rest will be tucked away for that rainy day that we all know will arrive sooner or later.

I’m thinking about a Mac. I’ve been putting it off for awhile. This Dell is getting a little scary. Sometimes the cursor takes off on its own as if possessed by a demon. It’s getting sluggish and temperamental – like an old man’s plumbing system. I can be typing along and it will simply stop in its tracks. It’s time to kiss it good bye and move on to a new love before the affection we once had turns to hate.

Time for the Land Of Nod. Wish me luck.