A couple of tips for you

by Bella Rum

A tip is a useful piece of information. So I suppose the title of this post is not a misnomer. The fact that these useful tips may not be new to you is not my fault. They are new to me, but I’m not exactly on the cutting edge of useful tips… or anything else. I’m too old to do cutting edge, so I wait for young people to sharpen me up.  Lucky for you, I read a few blogs authored by the younger and sharper.

The first tip is a link – now in my sidebar under FYI. Did you know that there is an on-line Gmap pedometer? I didn’t, but a commenter on Traveling Chica’s blog wrote about it.  You can map out your walk and it will measure it for you. I mapped out the walk that I do here. It’s 2.35 miles. I would have been happier if it had been closer to 3, but I had an idea how long it was. Then I mapped out the walk I am planning to do when we return home. It’s a mere 1.96 miles. I plan to fool around with it, add a couple of culs-de-sac, and I’m sure I can get it up to 3 miles with little effort. It’s a handy little gadget.

The next tip is for anyone – like me – who is thinking about buying a Kindle (down to a paltry $299). I had heard that something new was going to arrive on the market that would give Kindle a run for its money. They’re actually calling it the Kindle Killer. Barns&Noble.com announced the launch of the world’s largest E-bookstore (700,000 titles)e-Reader and a deal with Plastic Logic Ltd. Barns & Noble will power the e-book store for Plastic Logic’s e-Reader. It’s suppose to be quite light because it’s plastic, and it’s flexible. It weighs less than a pound and is about the size of a standard sheet of paper. Again, this is news to me but you may have known about it since 1950. It will be available in early 2010. Read more here. Video below.