On The Side of the Road In New Jersey

by Bella Rum

H is barely waking. I was able to wrest his new computer away for a few minutes. He bought a laptop last week. It’s kind of nice to have access to the internet when you travel. Did I just sound like I’ve been living in a cave for the past decade?

I’m sure most people have access when they travel nowadays. When I was a kid, the signs in front of the motels bragged about air conditioning. Later the signs said “Pool.” Then it was “Color TV.” Then cable was the new thing, and now it’s internet access. We’re living on a different planet.

I’m feeling pretty spoiled right now. We got a nice hotel last night, and I slept in a king size bed. Big times, folks…meaning I slept like a baby. Ha!  We even got the senior discount when H told them he was an old codger – even though our AARP membership had lapsed. Age has its perks.

We took a few pictures but we can’t upload them yet. I dunno. We’ll get that worked out soon. I was hoping to show you my photos each night. Oh, well.

So, we’ll hit the road in a little while and light in New Hampshire tonight. Except for that demonic traffic around DC yesterday, things have gone smoothly. We left a day earlier than we had planned…because we could, but we didn’t leave till late. So we ran into rush hour traffic. We knew better than to do that, but we wanted to get started.

I’m so glad we don’t live near that kind of traffic anymore. H worked in DC for a while. We don’t miss it. We live on the outskirts of a moderate sized city now.  When we leave our community, one directions takes us to stores, movies, medical facilities, food markets – civilization. The other direction leads to a rural area that offers farmer’s stands, beautiful back roads populated with old trees, and an 18th century courthouse . I take the back roads whenever I can. There isn’t one stop light between my house and my grocery store, and it’s a beautiful in every season.

Enough bragging. I’m going to have another cup of coffee and get ready to meet this day. H woke while I wrote this and started his exercise. It’s enough to make you sick. I’m going to find out if there’s a pastry in this place.

Oh, I love Harry Connick, Jr.