by Bella Rum


Today: A wind driven heavy rain. High around 50F. Winds NNE at 25 to 35 mph. Rainfall over 2 inches expected. Winds could occasionally gust over 50 mph.

I woke around 4:00 this morning. It’s chilly in here. I’ve pulled a soft blanket from the linen closet and wrapped myself in it. I’m listening to what remains of Ida’s wind as it buffets the house. We’re only getting her residue, a mere whisper of her damp breath. It rained all day yesterday, and it’s suppose to continue through tomorrow.

It’s still dark. I can’t see, but I know my neighbor’s tall, bendy, pencil-thin pines are tossing their heads and arching, arching low, low, down, down, almost to the point of snapping, then whipping back up again just before break point. Then I tell myself, probably not. It’s not that bad. Not like the last time one of them fell over my fence and across my yard.

I give considerable thought to the possibilities though. Pines snap like toothpicks when their miraculous engineering is tested beyond it’s ability . I’ve been in their way when they’ve snapped. So I give a little extra respect to my neighbor’s pines when the wind blows.

While some people think of pines as nothing more than a nuisance, I actually like them when the wind isn’t blowing, especially when they’re in the company of others. I do love a grove of pine trees. I only hate them when they arch over like a crescent moon. It doesn’t take all that much wind to make them sway impressively. They are so limber, like babies who suck their toes without the slightest groan.

H is taking the day off. We’ll venture out into this boiling soup to get his stitches removed this morning. Then we’ll go somewhere for breakfast and then a little Christmas shopping for the grandkids. It will be nasty, but who cares. It’s only rain….and wind….but not too bad. Hope you’re having a fine Thursday. I think I’ll make chili tonight.