by Bella Rum


Photo in Dad’s local paper

The doctor removed H’s stitches and all is well.

It is nasty outside. I was foolish in my choice of clothing. I didn’t know if I was going to freeze to death or drown, and I can’t tell you how windy it is out there. They closed schools early and canceled all after school activities. Trees are down around the city, and there are power outages.

The problem is the water. The storm isn’t moving, and it’s dumping huge amounts of water on us. It softens the ground, and the trees pull their roots right out of the ground. We saw a large tree that was lying across a yard at the end of our street.  The roots were sticking up in the air. Even though this is not classified as a hurricane we are sustaining the kind of damage that you would expect to see in a category one hurricane – trees down, power outages, flooding, etc.

I talked to Dad. They’ve experienced significant flooding down there. The Brother’s business is on the water. There was over a foot of water in the building earlier this afternoon, and we weren’t even close to high tide yet. He moved all of his equipment, computers, generators, etc. to higher ground. Hopefully he won’t sustain too much damage. This is a recurring issue. He knows the drill and takes appropriate precautions. He rents the building; his landlord will absorb those damages.

The up side of this story is that the stores were deserted. We just about knocked out our Christmas shopping for my son, his wife and the grandkids. I’m still cold to the bone. I’ve already donned my softest sweats, and now I’m going to hunt down the heating pad and snuggle under the covers for a while. I didn’t make chili, but supper will be something simple and comforting. Chili soon.