The Collapsable Stool

by Bella Rum

I found a pretty cool gift for Dad, besides the World Series Yankee’s cap that he’s going to love. I was sitting in the car one day while H finished his business in Home Depot. I saw this man get out of his van, walk around to the passenger side of the vehicle, and slide the back door open. He then pulled this slender, square thing (about 12 inches square) out of the back seat. With one hand and the snap of his wrist, he flipped it open. Voilà! It magically turned into a small step stool. He placed it in front of the open door.

I was quite curious by this point, and couldn’t take my eyes off him. I had a feeling about what he was doing and why he was doing it.  His movements were economical, and it became obvious that this was an exercise he had repeated many times.

After getting everything situated just as he wished, he left the van and started walking toward the store, leaving the door to his van open. Two women were waiting for him in front of the store. One was his age and one was older. It was quite obvious that the younger of the two was his wife, and the older *lady was either his mother or mother-in-law. He and his wife helped her walk to the van where she placed one foot on the stool, and stepped quite neatly into the back of the van. Easy as can be.

I jumped out of my car and ran across the parking lot. The man and his wife looked a little startled, but I started talking fast and explaining how my father could use such a clever thing, and how convenient it would be for my brother to throw in his SUV. Once they realized I wasn’t a lunatic, they were very nice and told me they got it at Bed Bath & Beyond. It’s called the E-Z Foldz Folding Plastic Step Stool, and it’s even cheaper here. (don’t know about shipping)  Ace Hardware carries them, and I’m sure they can be found other places. Great little idea if you’re in need of such a thing, and I am.

That’s it. A tip for you. Hope somebody out there can use it.

*WordPress informs me that “lady” is biased language. It prefers woman.