Subordinate Elf Can’t Sleep

by Bella Rum

I’ve been here since 3:30. Can’t sleep. You have to keep me company.

I really do sleep so much better since we returned home, but it’s December, and everybody knows elves don’t sleep in December.It’s this DVD that I made with old family photos. I should have made it months ago. Looking through old photos of those who are no longer here is not the thing you want to do this time of year. What was I thinking?

I can see that old neighborhood just as it was in 1958. In my mind, it’s still populated with all those fantastically undiluted characters. They were family and extended family. The entire neighborhood raised a child. If you rode your bike across the road without looking both ways, your mother knew it before you got home. It was a time when sass would buy you some big trouble.

Now that I’ve scanned all the photos, I can’t get them into WordPress. I’d like to put a couple on a family blog, but it won’t let me select them. It doesn’t see them. I’m sure it’s something simple, but I don’t know what to do. Any ideas? I can’t believe I scanned all of these darned things and can’t even use them on a blog. Doesn’t make sense. Does it?

H is going to take a couple of weeks off starting this weekend. I’m so glad. You know he’s not a slacker like me. I can use a person like him. So could you. He’s very useful and cute too. Did I mention that I saw a woman flirting with him at the grocery store the other day? Poor guy. He wants to go back, but he can’t remember which store. Senior flirting has its obstacles. I’m not gonna tell him. What? You think I’m crazy?

It’s almost 6 o’clock. I’m off to make the coffee.