I said, I want me some snow!

by Bella Rum

Vintage House

I wrote this last year just about this time…


I want snow – real snow. Not just a dusting, but the kind of snow for building men and sledding down steep hills at the speed of light. I miss those deep cleansing snows.

Some of the most delicious days of my life have been snowy days, days when frosted window panes were frigid to the touch, when the sky was gray and low, and the sounds of the world were muffled, days that looked as soft as puffs of cotton, but felt as sharp as the nip of a thousand tiny butterflies on my face.

Snowy days. I’m longing for one in the worst sort of way.

Well, guess what? Hardly a flake fell last year or the year before or the year before, but it’s snowing to beat the band out there right now. The sky has been low enough to bump your head all day – gray from horizon to horizon. The air is frigid, and they’re claiming that up to a foot of white stuff could cover the ground by morning, which means we could get three inches if we’re lucky.

I’m so excited. I have the makings for chili and cornbread and hot chocolate. We’re stocked up on the big four: toilet paper, milk, bread, and eggs. Most people don’t have to work tomorrow, and I’m pretty sure China will not miss a 24-hour break from our compulsive need to buy truckloads of their stuff.

It’s time for a deep breath and gratitude for all that I have.

It’s snowin’, y’all!