What’s in a name?

by Bella Rum

Image: Secretariat was born a hop, skip and a jump down the road from us.

I’ve been up since stupid o’clock. I saw that somewhere and have been waiting to use it. Stupid o’clock.

I’ll curl up and succumb to an afternoon nap later today if I can slow my motor down enough to idle for a while, and if no one calls or drops by. I don’t nap easily, but occasionally I ease into a beckoning nap like a new dollar bill eases into the perfect size envelope. It’s always a treat when it happens.

If you’ve visited here for long, you know that H is the king of catnaps. He is legendary in his ability to sleep anywhere anytime, and I’ve probably mentioned the time I was at a funeral and suddenly heard this guttural sound originating somewhere to my right. Imagine my discomfort when I realized it was H. Sound asleep, his chin was resting on his chest, and he was snoring as if he was going to receive a prize for it. The only thing that saves him from total ridicule is his unequaled productivity during the hours he manages to remain conscious.  The man is a workhorse. Just don’t let him sit down. He can not stay awake if he isn’t moving.

So it’s January, and we haven’t started a project yet. We must get snapping here. It’s time for fresh paint to be applied somewhere. I’m thinking the dining room will be first. We’re leaning toward a boring but tasteful beige. Just so you don’t think I’m cowardly when it comes to color, my kitchen and family room are Moroccan red. Love it, but we’re thinking about resale now.

The names of paint colors and racehorses have always cracked me up. I have a theory that one person comes up with all of the names, writes each name on a small piece of paper, and places them in a sock. When a  name is needed for a paint color or a fine beast, a name is pulled from the sock.

Paint Colors: Winter Solstice, Witching Hour, Sea Splash, Beach Boutique.

Some Kentucky Derby Entries: Chocolate Candy, Regal Ransom, Desert Party, Atomic Rain.

I waste a lot of my time thinking of things like this, but who else will do it if I don’t? You can rest easy. I’m on the job.