Rainy Monday

by Bella Rum

I wish you could hear the rain. I’m sitting beside the window, and it’s coming down in torrents. I can imagine the water flowing over the gutters and sliding down the sides of the house. They’re stuffed with leaves. H put gutter guards on the lower portions of the roof, but the taller part of the house is very high. We had a go-about over it. He likes to do everything himself, but I see no reason for his crazy self to fall a gazillion feet off a ladder.

Our ever lengthening mile-long list of repairs and maintenance issues must wait for springtime and fairer weather. H is itching to get out there and begin. In the meantime, he contents himself with interior projects. We finished painting the living room yesterday.

There are few things more satisfying than completing a project in your own house. They say that everyone has a spark of creativity. My spark barely smolders, but I never have more fun than when playing house. We lived in a pitiful, little house that was in constant need of repair when I was a child, but my mother used to paint and wallpaper and scrub and shine every corner.

I never linked my penchant for such things to her until one day when my sister told me, “You remind me of Mama. You’re always throwing paint on something.”

It’s true. I’ve never seen a room, an old piece of furniture, a deck, a railing, an old lamp or picture frame that couldn’t be shined or painted or cleaned or waxed into its former beauty…. or near ’bout. With little skill or effort, an old clock can be made to tick again, a lamp will burn again, and  a kitchen table will serve a family again.

We’ve evolved into a disposable society. Things are disposable upon use or intentionally made to become obsolete before a few years can pass. Our landfills are a testament to this fact.

Oh, my goodness. I can feel myself revving up to present a philosophical argument (rant) here, and I have laundry and grocery shopping (for weight-loss friendly foods) ahead of me, and I have to figure out what I’m going to make for dinner. Maybe fish, couscous, and asparagus or maybe broccoli…

Have a good day, everyone!