birds, birds, birds…

by Bella Rum

Male Cardinal 1-31-2010

I couldn’t stop taking photos of the birds yesterday. The sun came out and they kept lighting on the bare limbs of the crêpe myrtle next to my window. I have a tip for you. You must always plant a tree that will grow next to a second story window, and if you can put yourself to the trouble, hang a bird feeder in it. It will bring you joy.

Don’t choose a tree that will outgrow its spot. You don’t want it to rub against your house, and you don’t want to be forced to ruin its natural shape by pruning it to death. Crepe myrtles are one of my favorite trees, but I realize they don’t grow everywhere. Ask your local nursery if you aren’t familiar with such things, or research online. If I never tell you anything worthwhile again, this makes up for it. Magical things happen in trees, and you will have a bird’s eye view. Ha!

Female Downy Woodpecker

We have a family of four bluebirds. They’re making a comeback, and H wants to build a few houses for them. Who can resist smiling at these pieces of fluttering candy. I have a lot to learn, but what fun I’ve had playing with my new camera.

This fellow (junco) was staring at me. At least it felt that way.

Let this little guy (goldfinch with winter coat) be a lesson to us all. You may not be the prettiest in the room, but a combination of personality and confidence can win the day.

This is the rarest bird of all, pursued for his handsome markings and exceptional nest-maintenance abilities.