My Valentine

by Bella Rum

How did your Valentine’s Day go? We’re not romantics. We didn’t do anything special or exchange gifts or go out to dinner or even cook a special meal. It was a good meal, but nothing special. I’m still trying to eat healthy, and we’ve both been happy with the things I’ve made recently.  I’m not one to use special low-cal recipes so much. It’s more that I choose things that are naturally healthful, or I simply eat smaller portions. Throw in lots of fruits and vegetables and whole grains  and that’s it.  Pretty basic stuff.

Still, it was a very good day. We’re comfortable with one another. H putted around the house, completing a project that he’s been wanting to finish up for a while now, and I pretty much stayed out of his hair. He liked this. I found entertainment on my own: reading, watching a so-so movie, and doing a few loads of laundry. There was a gentle rhythm to the day and it was most satisfying.

We’re not big on gift giving. H has never been much for that. He’s the solid type. You can go to the bank on him where daily things are concerned, and he never disappoints unless you expect big or flashy or earth-shaking. That’s just not who he is, but he’ll take care of you when you’re sick, he’ll clean your windshield when it snows,  and in the morning you’ll find the sink cleared of last night’s dishes, and if your father becomes unable to care for himself, H will help you care for him. So maybe I’m wrong about the big gesture thing. I’d say that’s a huge gesture, but not flashy. You get it?

He can’t dance, he’s a little clumsy in fact. He’s not effusive but can be eloquent when he feels strongly about something, and he’s witty without hammering you over the head with it. He’s fairly clueless about people and relationships, but occasionally disproves this impression by shining a laser beam on some fine point about someone’s character that I’ve completely missed. I hate when he does this because my one claim to fame is my ability to read people.

He’s an expert at bringing a group of people with disparate opinions to an agreement while making all of them feel they’ve contributed to resolving the issue. This is a huge part of who he is – always leaving people with their dignity and a feeling of their worth. This was a big part of his job for many years – getting people to come to an agreement, and he’s uncanny about solving any problem where you must apply the knowledge you already possess to the situation.  He’s a problem solver of the highest order.

This is my guy, my valentine. I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day!