Dishwasher Woes

by Bella Rum

Image: found at Daducation

I know nothing about dishwashers! Just so you know.

Our dishwasher is sick – quite terminal actually. When we first returned home almost six months ago, water would seep out all over the kitchen floor every time we used it. We had it repaired to the tune of $135.00 ($85.00 for the service call and $50.00 for the labor).

After the guy repaired it, he sheepishly mentioned that it wouldn’t last forever, that the motor and pump were one unit and would have to be replaced eventually. He said this repair would “hold us” for a while, but it wouldn’t be worth it to replace the motor/pump. We may as well buy a new machine. Lovely! I guess we would have had to pay the $85.00 for the service call anyway; so we’re only out $50.00 – but still. He also told us to expect water to remain standing in the bottom of the dishwasher after the last cycle. He then showed us a little trick to drain it. Double lovely!

Can you believe how goofy we are? We should have made a bit of a fuss, but we just accepted our lot, and did the little trick to drain the water after each washing – hit the start button and then hit it again immediately. This forces the water to drain. We have to do this twice to get it to drain completely. This reminds me of when I was a kid and my father repaired the doorbell. When pressed, it only rang occasionally. Though others had a problem with it, Dad was fine with the results.

The water has started seeping out and running all over the floor again. It’s enough already. Now I’m researching dishwashers. I have no idea what to get. If you have a brand or model you think is great, please leave a comment. Now you know what we’ll be doing on H’s next day off.