Mending Fences

by Bella Rum

It’s perfectly quiet in here except for the sporadic whack, whack, whack of H’s hammer. He’s out there repairing the neighbor’s fence. It’s kind of soothing, though.
As good fortune would have it, he isn’t allergic to poison ivy.

He made haste/waste with the portion of the tree on their side of the fence on Monday, cutting it into sections small enough for them to use in their fire pit and stacking it on their wood pile. Hopefully they’ll wait till cooler and wetter weather to use it. Our thermometer read 105% in the sun earlier. I know it was in the sun but still. He took care of the section on our side this morning, and now he’s out there mending the fence (will you gag if I say it?) because good fences make good neighbors. Okay, collective gag.

He has taken a lot more breaks today than he did on Monday. I nagged him so much on Monday that he has capitulated out of sheer beaten-down misery. I know men his age don’t like to be reminded, but I couldn’t stop myself from telling him every hour or so that he isn’t twenty-five anymore and men his age have heart attacks and heat stroke. I’m a horror, y’all. I even know it, but the man has no judgment in this area.

My sister’s husband is about 10 years older than H. Years ago, when he was about H’s age now, I used to laugh at her. When her husband had migraines, he would take his medication, go upstairs and lie down. Just as the medication kicked in and he started to drift off to sleep, she would wake him by leaning over his face to check his breathing. Holy cow! It cracked me up, but she used to tell me that my day was coming… and it has. Idiocy must run in the family. And all her careful checking didn’t take into account the mercurial nature of fate. She died before him.

Good heavens, I never know where these posts will lead when I begin. I always think I have a notion, but the twisty lanes my thoughts travel never cease to amaze. Sunday will be her birthday. We were very close and said all there was to say before she died. I guess you could say all our fences were mended.