Surfin’ U.S.A.

by Bella Rum

A friend (hey, Linda) over at The Task at Hand suggested a great way to stay cool, and I do mean cool in every sense of the word. So Don’t Worry Babe, my Wild Honey and I are Dance, Dance, Dancing In My Room and it’s Fun Fun Fun. I Can Hear Music and feel Good Vibrations. God Only Knows, this was Good Timin’. Barbara Ann wishes she was here with my Darlin’ but she better get some help from Rhonda before she shows up. We have to go now. The Sloop John B is waiting to take us to Kokomo, but first we’re going to take a ride in My Honey’s Little Deuce Coupe. Wouldn’t It Be Nice if all of you could Come Go With Me?

Always remember to Be True To Your School!

Don’t forget to check out The Task at Hand if you enjoy beautiful and insightful writing – unlike the drivel you find here. But don’t we have fun?

Thanks, Linda!