Guess what we’ve been doing?

by Bella Rum

I asked H how we were going to spend the day yesterday. His eyes glazed over in that don’t-talk-to-me-I’m-going-to-make-like-a-slug-today kind of way. Then my gaze turned upward toward the attic, and he couldn’t resist. He said, ” Okay. I’m game if you are?”

That’s all it took! I was all laid back and Clair Huxtable on the outside but inside of my head there was a party going on, you guys. There were balloons and confetti and sound-makers, but all I said was, “Well, let’s just take a look.” I’m so into cleaning out and making way for whatever comes next.I’m lame about getting the before shot. I know what you’re thinking – this has to be the before shot. But no. No, it isn’t the before shot or the after shot. It’s the in between shot. This was taken after the first wave – after the huge, ugly, black entertainment stand, a bassinet, scads of boxes and prehistoric vinyl LPs and 45s, and dolls and books and absurd quantities of Christmas decorations (six artificial poinsettias in pots from the early 90s) had all been removed. I am so over Christmas decorations. It looked like a giant Christmas tree had exploded up there.

I found two large boxes filled with Star Wars stuff – that huge space ship and all those action figures. Yeah, I’ve been asking myself the same question. What ever possessed me to keep Luke and R2D2 in a box for thirty years? Only one of those beds on the right belongs to me. The other belongs to a friend, and so does the chair. I called the owner of the chair and suggested she could use it in her family room. Can you believe it? She’d forgotten all about it and was happy to get it back. This is what happens when you have a big attic. Friends and family ask to store their stuff there and promptly forget about it.

I expected it to be hot enough to kill a dung beetle up there, but not so. It wasn’t bad at all. We started early. I also expected it to be a tedious job, but the first wave is always the easiest. There’s always tons of things to  pitch that require very little discussion. We had a truckload before we knew it and took the whole mess down to Goodwill. They know us personally now. I’m pretty sure we’re in for Thanksgiving dinner.

The next wave will require discussion and angst and tearing of hair. I’m up for it. The Star Wars fleet is still up there. I can hear them. They know their days are numbered. Man the battle stations!