somethin’ to talk about

by Bella Rum

Be yourself; everyone else is taken. ~ Oscar Wilde

Yoga! I love yoga! My favorite part comes at the end. Oh, my goodness. Why didn’t someone drag me to a class years ago?

The meditation is really something.

Meditation is all they say it is and more. MORE I say. I look forward to the relaxation/meditation part all through the class, all through the week. It comes at the very end of class. Our instructor tells us to lie flat on the floor and face the ceiling. This is where it gets really wonderful. She plays soft music and gently coaches us in relaxing and letting go and giving in. She implores us to relax each muscle – one by one – and to concentrate on our breathing. Yes, of course, you know that the breath is huge in getting the mind to calm itself. She tells us to let our thoughts drift by, acknowledge them, and let them go.

I’m not doing it justice. I’m sure many of you are familiar with this but it’s almost new to me. I took an aerobics class years ago, and the instructor did a little of this at the end of the class but not as much or as long.

This is fabulous stuff. And there are tears. I don’t know why. I don’t think others cry. I don’t even realize I’m doing it. When I come out of the meditation, tears are running down my face, but I feel deeply relaxed, relieved of all tension and anxiety.

I jello my way out to the car at the end of class. I have a legitimately earned reputation as a speeder, but I have a hard time getting up to the speed limit and staying there after yoga. I find myself drifting along, but not unaware. It’s amazing. There. I said it. I was trying not to say the amazing word. But there it is. Amazing.

I’m not the most optimistic person and I’m somewhat skeptical at times and maybe a bit of a crank and …. Okay, you get the picture. I’ve told you before that my glass is half empty. It’s my nature and it’s pretty hard to change, but I go all Buddha on Thursdays. Yep. A sense of well-being that lingers.

I found myself counseling my doctor to make time to take a yoga class. If I like you, I’m probably going to bend your ear about this. Remember this is a beginner/senior class. How difficult could it be? I’m not trying to convince you that I’m wrapping my leg around my head. It’s mostly stretching, balance and meditation, but I’m reaping great benefits. It’s a wonderful tool for coping. I only wish someone had dragged me to a class forty years ago.

Okay. How much more can I ooze over this? If you haven’t tried it, go and buy a yoga mat now. I’m going to get some music and try meditation at home. Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions about the music.

Peace out.