Domino’s Healthy Pizza – Almost!

by Bella Rum

Okay. I just ate the most delicious pizza evah.

H and I made a feeble attempt to order a healthy pizza (or at least not too offensive to the arteries) from Domino’s a few weeks ago. After doing a Google search about Healthy Domino’s Pizza, we placed the order and sat back and waited but it never arrived. Remember? Finally we called Domino’s and they claimed they never received the order.

We decided to give it another try tonight. H insisted that we register on the Domino’s site this time so they’d have our phone number to call if there was a problem. He’s big on accountability, and somehow registering our vitals with a pizza place was gonna do the job.  If you register you can track your pizza all the way from the time Domino’s receives your order till they deliver it to your front door or your neighbor’s front door. This tracking thing was appealing to H. Men love to hunt their food, even if it’s pizza and even if it’s through a computer. It’s in their DNA. Okay, not all men. There are those who like to stay home with the women and children and that’s okay. I love those men. I raised one.

You can even give specific instructions to Domino’s about your delivery. This is fun. Like you might ask them to go to the back door or ignore the rabid dog. I asked them to ring the door bell and turn around three times while swinging a bag of rocks over their heads, but I’m sure you can come up with something more imaginative. It could involve juggling or baton twirling. The sky’s the limit.

Anyway, our pizza arrived safe and sound this time, and before we even expected it. And it was fantastic. We got the 12 inch pie, with crunchy thin crust, anchovies, spinach, roasted red peppers and light on the cheese. Delish! Yes, the anchovies have a lot of sodium, but there weren’t too many.

Domino’s, you have redeemed yourself in my eyes. Don’t you feel better now?