I had a mammogram today…

by Bella Rum

…  or mom-O-gram as my son calls it. Remember when this used to be a big deal for women. Honestly, I never got that. This is the easiest and least invasive procedure a woman can have – other than a bone scan. The atmosphere is comfortable and nonthreatening, all the technicians are women and it’s fairly painless.

I didn’t know what to make of it until I had my first. I still remember the technician’s name. Gabby. She was funny and capable. Don’t you love that combination?


The Son’s Job

Today was my son’s first day at his new job. I sent him an email.

I’m thinking about your first day of school, but I promise not to cry today. Have a good first day, play nice and make a friend.
Love, Mom

He answered…

Thank you mom. I am in the parking lot now… about to head into the office. I will send you an email later letting you know how it went.

and later…

So the first day is done and went very well. I am not in completely over my head:) and the people are all very nice. I love Chicago and cannot wait to see it with you guys.


… and as they say…. all is well that ends well. True enough.