If you have a sensitive gag reflex…

by Bella Rum

… you may want to skip this post. Oops. Too late.

A Thai worker prepares grubs to cook.

Aren’t they cute?

We’ve committed the most heinous of suburban crimes. I’m not kidding. The burb police will arrive soon. There will be no cuffs or leg irons. Much worse – public excoriation, followed by ridicule (is that redundant?) and then shame. Our grass is dead … dead and gone for sure.

We’ve always had a nice yard, but between this summer’s extraordinary heat, dearth of rain and our very own, very personal and very large grub population, it is officially the worst yard we’ve ever had.

This has been the driest summer I can remember. At some point, we just decided to forget about watering (like May). It seemed like such a waste. We couldn’t keep up with it. We don’t have an irrigation system but even those with irrigation had problems this summer. One of our neighbors told H that he watered his yard till he received a water bill over $300. Then he said forget it. Now his grass is as bad as ours. We just couldn’t see paying a water bill like that or wasting the water. It’s too difficult to justify it when so many places are running out of water.

H put the poison down for the grubs. They should be on their way to grub heaven by now. And he talked with a guy about power seeding a few days ago. He’s decided to do it. The claims are great for this method. Have you heard of it? I don’t know. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Here’s what Lawn Doctor says about their method.

“Our power seeder’s reciprocating action prepares the seed bed for maximum seed germination without damaging existing turf. The ground-metered distribution process delivers exactly the right amount of seed to encourage plant development and lawn aeration.”

A machine punches holes in the ground and plants the seed deep. I’ll take photos next spring, but it always looks great in spring. Tell you what. I’ll take pix if it looks good in August. Then I’ll be impressed. Either way, if we don’t get more rain next summer than we did this summer…

Color me skeptical, but on the brighter side, maybe we’ll harvest our grubs next year.grubs with bunya nuts and quandong dipping sauce – Photo by DAVID HANCOCK