Cul-de-sac Minutiae

by Bella Rum

After those last two post, it’s time to get back to the everyday stuff that must be done regardless of larger happenings. The electric bill must be paid because no matter how bad things get, they will only get worse without electricity. So, paying the bills is on my agenda today.

And other big cul-de-sac happenings include power seeding. That’s right. They’re coming today to power seed our yard. Yippee! Let’s hope it’s all it’s cracked up to be. We have about two blades of grass left. That’s no exaggeration.

The other big news around here is our roof. You know those roofs that get those ugly, black streaks on them? Uh, huh. That’s mold or mildew. It usually appears on the shady side of your house. Our roof has had it in spades. It’s nasty stuff.

You can remove it with a solution of bleach and water but our roof is pretty steep. I convinced H, without too much effort, to hire someone to do it. He likes to do all these things himself, but I don’t think he was all that fond of the DIY method with this particular task anyway. He really doesn’t need to go hopping around on our roof. It’s fairly high and as I mentioned, it’s steep.

We found a company that uses a solution that’s environmentally friendly. They did the deed on Friday.


(Nasty Roof Syndrome)


(Do you still see streaks? Hopefully it’s the rain drying.)

If I was a better blogger you would actually see guys up there doing the deed. I didn’t think of that until after they left. Part of the contract allowed them to display a sign in front of our house. It sits slam in the middle of our front yard – out by the road – so no one can miss it. It’s blue with big, white letters, and well… let me show you.

~UGLY! Yes, ladies and gents, I have a sign in my grassless, grub infested, crabgrass ridden front yard that says UGLY! It’s growing on me, though. It’s as if we’re proud of our ugliness – bold. I guess we can call this irony, or is it mockery? My best friend calls it hilarious.

So, the power seeding will commence today and guess what? It’s raining. I hope they don’t cancel. They said they could get backed up because of the rain. We haven’t had rain in months. Suddenly it’s raining and I want my grass seed.

I warned you this post was about the little details of life – minutiae. Truth in advertising… that’s what you get here at Cul-duh-sac Chronicles. I have to go pay some bills now. Have a good one!