rainy days – homemade soup – tree removal

by Bella Rum

It rained all day yesterday and the wind… wow, the wind was something. I made a huge pot of vegetable soup. Our first of the season. Don’t you love that?

The beautiful salads and tomatoes and butter beans of summer are all but gone and I will miss them – especially the tomatoes, but I always look forward to that first pot of soup or chili. So, while the wind blew and the rain poured, my house filled with the comforting smells of homemade soup. When H got home, I made some biscuits to go with and reheated the soup.

We’ve decided to do a little landscaping in the front yard. Between the three years of neglect while we were with Dad and this extremely dry summer, our yard needs an overhaul. Four shrubs died this year – not quite died but half died. They weren’t thriving. Let’s put it that way. And we weren’t too thrilled with our dogwood. I do love a dogwood, but this one wasn’t doing well, and it was too close to the house. So H went to town on them.  You know there are photos.

You can see our pitiful yard in this one. The darker soil is topsoil that H used to fill in a hole where a tree used to be. Hopefully next spring I will show you “before and after” shots. There will be lush, green grass. You will want to frolic in it.


Just a little off the top, sir.~

This UPS truck pulled up and parked right in front of our house. Another one showed up shortly. I think they were trying to steal H’s tree removal techniques.~

He chopped the roots and pulled the whole thing out and took it to the dump.
“Here’s Johnny.”~