lox of luck on your gall bladder operation…

by Bella Rum

All day long…

I’ve been thinking about what we should have for dinner.

A few minutes ago…

I’m reading a post on another blog – word after word after word by Shirley. Terrific blog. She mentions that she has a gall bladder operation coming up. She has some stones floating around in there and she experiences discomfort (pain) when she eats certain foods – mostly fatty.

She didn’t call it discomfort. I bet she calls it PAIN. Gall bladder attacks have a reputation for being painful.

This reminded me of the time I had a horrible gall bladder attack after eating a bagel & lox w/cream cheese & onion. Oh, yep, yep, yep. No discomfort there. Unadulterated pain. There you go. When did pain become discomfort anyway? And when did something very difficult become a challenge? Never mind. Language changes like everything else.

So then… because everything is about me, my mind jumped from her gall bladder attack to my gall bladder attack to my dinner. A winding road… I know. But see how that works?

It struck me that I have some smoked salmon (read all the hoopla about the difference between lox and smoked salmon) in the fridge and wouldn’t that be swell on a bagel with some cream cheese and a thick slice of onion. Oh, lardy.  I’m just going to flip my cap here and have a bowl of tomato bisque soup with it. I don’t know. Does that sound strange? Well, that’s what I’m eating for  dinner.

Life minus a foul gall bladder is a wonderful thing. I hope Shirley can have anything she wants after her surgery.

What are you having for dinner?