Spring Cleaning in November

by Bella Rum

My house is such a mess. There was a time when I was a bit of a neat freak. Those days are long gone, but I still think I feel better after getting my “space” cleaned up. Who doesn’t like the smell of polish, the feel of clean sheets and the look of an uncluttered desk or vanity or bookcase? There’s no doubt that the spirit enjoys a dusting off once in a while.

I have a nice, big window in my bathroom. I love it. The light streams through and fills the entire room. There are no curtains or blinds on it. You may remember it. I posted a photo when I did that post about when should your poufs go poof?A lot of checking and rechecking took place before I figured out exactly how NOT to shock the neighbors. We found this old tool box in the attic. H’s stepfather made it over 60 years ago. I love it. I put two towels in it and some dollar-ish poufs and such. Then I made H walk around the bathroom while I went outside and tried to make like a Peeping Tom. I couldn’t see a hair on his head — or anywhere else.

This is a very long way of telling you that my bathroom window is filthy. It’s on the second floor and does not open. It’s never been washed on the outside. It never looked dirty until now. I suddenly realized how filthy it was the other day, and H assured me that he could get up there with his gorilla ladder and clean it without breaking his neck. So this is one of the projects on our list today along with: getting spots off rug in office, doing three or four loads of laundry, cleaning bathroom, dusting, vacuuming, etc.

This is what I’m doing with my Saturday. It’s good. I’ll feel all fresh and light when it’s done. There will be salmon for dinner. Yum!

Hope all of you are having a nice Saturday.