Tilapia with Peppers and Olives

by Bella Rum

I made this a while ago and never got around to posting about it. I got the recipe over at Sidewalk Shoes . I know I’ve mentioned Sidewalk Shoes before, but Pam has the best blog. I really enjoy it. What can I say? I’m a fan. She blogs about wine and food and cats and gardening. There’s something for everyone.

Anyway, I’m not as fond of tilapia as H is. I grew up eating saltier fish, but I thought this was very good. The fresh lime juice and olives did it for me.  H scarfed it down like the unmannerly oaf he is.

So jump on over there and check out Tilapia with Peppers and Olives . It’s especially good if you’re trying to reduce your weight or cholesterol or if you’re simply trying to eat healthier. I will make it again soon.

Her photo is prettier than mine.