winding down just in time for the holidays

by Bella Rum

It’s probably no surprise that I’m off to see a doctor again today. If we become any more familiar, I’ll have to invite them to Thanksgiving dinner.

This time it’s a follow-up with my primary care physician. I’m fasting and I’ve been up since 4:30. The appointment isn’t till 10 o’clock. An opportunity to eat will not present itself till 11 o’clock.

After this visit, my doctor appointments should settle down to a soft roar. My Coumadin level is on its way to being as regular as a Swiss watch. This is a good thing. I’m looking forward to monthly checks instead of weekly. It took me a while to get the knack of regulating my vitamin K intake, but by George, I think I’ve got it.

I’ll probably see my cardiologist in about 6 months unless I change to a doctor that’s closer to where I live, and I probably will do that. All my doctors are where Dad lives (an hour away) because I never changed them when we moved back home. I figured I’d go back to my primary care physician one more time and then change, but once I got into this ordeal with my heart, it seemed easier to stick with those I knew and trusted. Now that the cardioversion is behind me, it’s time to regroup. A friend who is a nurse has promised to find someone good for me.

The long drive has added to the stress, and I was foolish not to find a doctor as soon as we moved back home. There has been no regularity to life. This doctor stuff has dominated everything. I love routine and feel stress when that routine is interrupted. I find contentment in the unwinding of unremarkable days, the ease of mind derived from the expected, and spaces of time that allow the mind to breathe, but that isn’t so easy to come by. There was a time when I needed more stimulation, more interaction with others, and I didn’t know what to do with myself if I had too much solitude. It bored me to no end. Now it’s a requirement for my mental health. I sometimes think those long and isolated days at Dad’s changed something in my brainpan.

The Brother called the other day. He’s cooking on Thanksgiving again. He’s the most incredible cook. He said we’d have the usual turkey and ham, but he plans to fry soft crabs and crab cakes and oysters. I will gain a couple of pounds. This is true. H and I will drive down early Thanksgiving morning and stay with Dad for a couple of days so C can spend a couple of days with her family. So those are our Thanksgiving plans and I’m very happy with them. I hope your plans are jelling up the way you wish.