Snow Shovels

by Bella Rum

H will work a short time this morning. He’ll be delivering snow shovels to Home Depot. Why they waited until mid-December to get snow shovels is a mystery to me. Could it be they don’t have enough space to store them in that place? Maybe they could add a little shed on the back. I guess they’re just stocking up.

I have no room to criticize; I don’t think I have any kitty litter or fertilizer in the garage. I always forget to get it until ice covers my steps and sidewalk. Then it’s too late. It can’t be found anywhere. Every year, I say I’m going to remember next year. Here I sit – snow and freezing rain on the way – no kitty litter to be found. I don’t care. I love the snow and I have soup, and I’m stocked up on the big five: toilet paper, milk, bread, eggs and wine. Wine is one of the big five… right?

Snow updates to come… maybe even pix. Maybe I can get H to make snow angels in the freshly fallen snow. Probably not. We’ll see.