by Bella Rum

I’m not nearly as busy as some people. I don’t have small children. I’m not hosting a huge group for Christmas, and I cut way back on gift giving this year. All of this has given this Christmas a much easier flow than some past Christmases. All of that said, things will change when the grandchildren arrive on Christmas Eve. Oh, yeah. The energy will be flowing in this place – all good.

Still, I could use a yoga class right about now, but when you most need something like that, you usually don’t have time for it. Funny how that works. My class was canceled last week when that little snow storm blew into town, and I won’t have another until after the first of the year. I can’t believe how much I enjoy that class.

I’ve been thinking that I need to start practicing meditation at home. I keep thinking it and not doing it. Meditation is a wonderful thing, and it doesn’t take that much time, but it does insist upon consistency. I need to get a little more disciplined.  I do find myself bringing awareness to my breath, though. This is good. It’s calming and I can see that I’m applying what I’ve learned in class to my real life. When I’m waiting in a dentist office, I almost have to be conscious of my breathing or I’ll stop.

So the frenzy will begin here on Christmas Eve and continue till just before New Year’s Eve. That’s when all the kids will leave to spend New Year’s with my DIL’s parents. For this next week, I’ll be doing what most people do this time of year: cooking, eating, cleaning up behind others, driving around to look at the lights, playing with grandkids, eating, unwrapping gifts, throwing wrapping paper away, eating some more, and collapsing in exhaustion at night. Somewhere in there, I’ll find time to take it all in, time to be grateful and time to breathe.

‘Tis the season of excess. Exercising and moderate eating will be at a minimum around here. I’ve accepted that. I will indulge but try not to overindulge. As for the exercise… I’ll let you know, but to be honest, I don’t see myself getting up early enough to go for a walk before starting breakfast for everyone. If I can sleep, I will.

That “balance thing” just doesn’t happen this time of year. Does it? Maybe it just isn’t meant to be. Maybe the frenzy is meant to wash over us, and there will be time for moderation in the New Year. Balance is something that ebbs and flows. It’s impossible to maintain it. Life is all about ups and downs and stress and demands and laughter and grief and sadness and joy. I plan to drink my cup of joy this season and try to breathe while I’m doing it and deal with the after effects in January. It’s only one week out of the year, you guys, and my grandchildren will only be this delicious for a few more years.

All of these ruminations were sparked by an interesting article I read this morning about The Art Of Balance by Angie Mizzell. It’s posted at Breathe.

now I must run

there’s much to be done

for those who still believe

must remember to breathe