Empty House

by Bella Rum

Still in their jammies and sleep still in their eyes. Dinosaurs were a big hit this year for the youngest, and princesses are still all the rage with the four-year-old.

Everyone left this afternoon. The house feels so empty. We had the best visit ever. The only ‘moment’ occurred when my son and I disagreed about privacy in today’s world, or should I say the dearth of privacy? His stance being that the negatives surrounding loss of privacy are hyped, and positives even exist in some instances. My position (according to him) is influenced by what “everyone else thinks” with a touch of paranoia added to the mix. Okay, he was more tactful than that, and his points were slightly less personal and a touch more relevant. It could be said that both of us were right and both of us were wrong, but it’s a fact that I was right-errr.  I’m the mama and this is my blog, so I claim victory.

Of course, the moment was fleeting and benign, but I think it illustrates the differences in attitudes between generations. My generation remembers a time when there actually was such a thing as privacy. It’s understandable that we’re a little more skeptical about social media and other forms of privacy-snatching techniques. I only have misgivings about how all this information could be used with malicious intent. Your grocery store now knows your history of purchases, and someone somewhere knows the magazines that are on the back of your toilet as I write this. I know that’s not so horrible, but what else is floating around out there.

The only thing I had to worry about when I was young was a neighbor peeking out a window as I kissed a boy goodnight. At least I knew the neighbor. Nowadays strangers are invited into our homes through this magic machine. Um. I guess my son did have a point. I do sound a touch paranoid.

Let’s go back to my grandchildren. They are dollops of sweet cream, laced with superfine sugar – luscious and light and uncomplicated and meant to be enjoyed. They sat in my lap and leaned into me. They nuzzled and cuddled and sighed. It was so satisfying. I swear, they hardly ever whined or cried. Okay, except when they were very, very tired.

It was the best. My granddaughter walked over to me this morning. She grabbed my leg and squeezed and said, “I’m going to miss you so much, Nona.” It will never get any better than that.

Oh, and one more thing. Where are all my tissues? The box in the bathroom that was half-full when they arrived, is now empty and so is the one in the office and family room. H noticed her with a bag of them on the first day. She’d pulled a bunch of them out of a new box. Now I can’t find any, and I have no idea what she did with them or why. Why tissues??? She loves to carry stuff around in a purse or bag or basket. She collects things around the house – odd things – and totes them all over the place. Last time it was a very small butterfly shaped box that holds some of my sister’s ashes. I found it three days after they left. She had toted Aunt Bobbie around the house for a few days without anyone knowing it. Thankfully, the container was sealed.


Never kiss by the garden gate/

Love is blind/

But the neighbors ain’t.

~ unknown