If it’s January… Bella must have a paintbrush in her hand!

by Bella Rum

It’s always the same. We start off the new year painting something. It seems like the perfect time. The weather keeps us inside anyway, and there’s nothing happening in January. The holidays are behind us, and our attention hasn’t yet turned to trees in need of pruning, weedy flowerbeds, out-of-control shrubs and overgrown grass.

Our projects are far less challenging this year than last. Remember when we painted the living room, dining room (with all that trim and molding – whew!), and our bedroom? All in the new year of 2010! Oh, and I forgot the two bathrooms. My goodness! Even I can’t believe we did all that. We’re quite impressive, aren’t we? And we need a smaller house, don’t we?

This year will be a walk in the park. We looked at each other yesterday morning and H asked that familiar weekend question, “What do you want to do today?” That’s always a dangerous question for me, because I will always come up with a project. I usually have one or two on the burner and a half-dozen in the freezer.

H grabbed a bucket of paint, our brushes and a couple of drop cloths while I moved the table, rugs, pictures and mirror into the living room. We were off to the races. We knocked out the foyer and hallway downstairs in little more than half a day. Not bad.

We don’t have much painting on our agenda this year. We plan to paint the walls going up the stairs and the hallway upstairs – a mere drop in the bucket compared to last year. Get it? Drop in the bucket? Punny, huh?

I have no idea what we’re going to do today, but I bet H won’t ask.

What are you doing this weekend?