by Bella Rum

People, I’m so pitiful. This is the third post I’ve started in so many days, and I haven’t published a single one. Sad.

There was one about Johnny Carson. A friend called and that was the end of that. There was another one about a dream that involved drumsticks and plates and my departed sister. I know you’re sorry you missed that one.

Today was a weird day. I couldn’t seem to finish anything I started. I still have a load of jeans in the dryer and a load of whites in the washer. Well, they’re sort of white. I confess to throwing the odd blue or green item in when I’m feeling like a rebel.

I cleaned the office. Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha!!!! Hysteria reigns. Cleaning my office is so rare and difficult that it should be an Olympic event. I do it about as often as the Olympics occur.

I’m listening to Otis Redding tonight.

Are you beginning to see why I can’t finish a post? My thoughts are all over the place. That’s what my day was like.

I finally decided to order a pair of jeans for H because I had a $10. dollar coupon from L.L. Bean, and I get free shipping when I use their credit card. Wouldn’t you think I could accomplish that? No. The coupon wouldn’t work online. So, I called, and then it got into this complicated thing about H and I having different numbers on our cards and the coupon only working for one and…. on and on and on….


I have a chicken baking in the oven along with baking potatoes, and they’re almost done. A few Brussels sprouts will round it out. Good enough for guvmnt work.

Don’t think you’re off the hook about that dream post. I still may force you to slug through it.

I love Otis. He reminds me of summer nights in Nags Head, dancing barefoot on smooth, waxed, wood floors, bands blaring, cheap 3.2 beer and being ridiculously young.