Groundhog Day?? Don’t be so sure!

by Bella Rum

I watched Valentine’s Day last weekend. H walked in somewhere in the middle and asked what I was watching.

We don’t do much to celebrate Valentine’s Day, or any other holiday for that matter. We’re not exactly celebratory kind of people. That’s not entirely true. We celebrate the forty years we’ve been together, the joy, the deep love and devotion …. okay, we don’t. We don’t celebrate any of that.

We don’t buy gifts, give cards, write poetry or give each other flowers. We might give each other a little punch in arm and say, “Hey, kid.” But that’s the fullest extent of holiday-acknowledgment we can bring our non-celebratory selves to participate in.

We do hug a lot all year-long. We’re not inhuman. Just wanted to clear that up.

We’re good with our non-celebratory ways. Really. There are no unrealistic expectations after forty years. When he missed birthdays or anniversaries early in our marriage, I did the hurt feelings thing a few times. Then I let him off the hook. He’s a good guy all the other days.

We kind of do the lovey thing a little each day. We’re pretty nurturing to each other, just not particularly on holidays. If he cuts his finger nearly clean off, I take him to the emergency room, if I need a cardioversion, he updates my blog for me. We don’t save it up for the big day. Know what I mean?

But after watching Valentine’s Day, I had the urge to do something… well… celebratory.

Bella ~ We could do something special for Valentine’s Day this year.

H ~ Yeah. We could. (not too convincing)

Bella ~ Something different.

H ~ Yeah. We could. (uncharacteristically suspicious)

Bella ~ Break the mold, be bold and celebrate.

H ~ What’d you have in mind?

Bella ~ I don’t know. We could eat beef.

H ~ Beef?

Bella ~ Yeah, beef. We could buy a couple of fillets and bake a couple of potatoes and put butter and sour cream on them and make a big old salad with blue cheese dressing and a loaf of french bread with garlic and butter and have cheese cake for dessert – a real heart-stopping, 1970’s kind of meal… like we used to do back in the day when we still had clean arteries.

H ~ Okay. Valentine’s day is on a Wednesday, but hopefully I’ll get home early. We’ll do it.

Bella ~ Wednesday? That’s kind of sweet, H. You’ve looked at a calendar and actually know what day Valentine’s day falls on?

H ~ Well, today is Sunday and it’s the 30th. It isn’t that big of a stretch to figure out that Wednesday is the 2nd.

Bella ~ …..

H ~ What?

Bella ~ …..


Bella ~ The 2nd of February is not Valentine’s Day! It’s Groundhog Day!

H ~ No.

Bella ~ …..

H~ No.

Bella ~ …..

H ~ You’re going to tell everyone on that blog, aren’t you?

Happy Valentine’s Day from H!