a post about nothing

by Bella Rum

Life has been pretty smooth lately, and that isn’t conducive to writing. Not  a single family member has gotten pregnant, fired a gun, gone missing, or gotten caught for evading income taxes. All of this has happened at one time or another, just not recently.

I can’t believe I’m putting this out into the universe. The Oprah Police are on their way to my house as we speak. Everyone knows better than to boast about lack of turmoil in their lives, and here I am, probably selling my peace of mind just to have something to write about. Somebody is probably smack me in the head as I write this, but then I’ll have something entertaining for you. Why is it that angst is interesting, even entertaining, especially when mixed with humor?

I love blogs that are inspiring and offer a better way to live in you own skin. They put something positive out there, and I frequent those sorts of places on the Internet. They may not offer “the” answer, but I usually come away feeling lighter, more positive. I can even write that kind of post occasionally, but not on a regular basis. Most of the time, I’m struggling with something. So are those who write those uplifting posts, I’m sure. The difference is that they turn lemons into a picnic and seem to be able to share that with others consistently.

Life has been good around here lately, and the best part is that I know how lucky I am. Again, I’m just begging the universe to smack me, but who cares. I should have written about  Kim Basinger again. That silly post enjoyed more hits than any other post on The Chronicles last year. It still gets numerous hits every single day – mostly from countries where it’s illegal for a woman to expose her skin in public.

That’s all I have today. Even though I haven’t been posting much lately, I’ve enjoyed visiting your places and reading what you’ve had to say. It’s been good… really good.

Maybe the words “Oprah Police” will bring some major traffic to this post.

Have a great day. All I need to top this off is a smiley face. 🙂