My goose isn’t cooked but it’s getting warm.

by Bella Rum

What do you call it when things stop working for no obvious reason? Light bulbs pop when you flip the switch, phones crackle and cackle wildly when no one is using them, computers turn as mercurial as an adolescent girl, and the freezer portion of your two-year-old fridge stops cooling your Grey Goose. All of those things are happening around here. There must be some supernatural, woo-hoo term for this particular brand of mayhem.

I had a theory. You knew that, didn’t you? I first laid the blame on March. Why March? What’d March ever do to anybody?

Dad has always looked askance at March. He was a waterman most of his life – all of his life – and weather is his thing. He knows weather, but he’s bedeviled by the unpredictable nature of March and her crazy winds. I’d say he’s a little superstitious about March, but maybe he’s just wary, and for good reason.

I wish you could hear my chimes clanging away like deranged fairies … then suddenly everything stops – dead still – then, as if taking pleasure in trickery, it suddenly starts roaring and howling again.

The name of March comes from ancient Rome, when March was the first month of the year and named Martius after Mars, the Roman god of war.
Source: Wikipedia

Spring arrived on March 1 in ancient Rome, a proper time for the calendar year to begin and for the military campaigns to start anew. Spring was in the air. What better time to make war?

Now you’re thinking I’ve lost it because it’s February. BUT NOT HERE. We’ve been experiencing March for over a week. It feels like March, looks like March and the winds are unbelievable. I’ve never seen them quite like this. It’s whipping and howling around the house like a demented demon as I write this. It’s been like this for days.

People clutch their shirts and skirts and jackets. They bow their heads and jump at loud noises. Anything could be airborne at any moment. The temps are pleasant, the sky is clear and the sun is shinning. It would be gorgeous if the wind would only relent. H just told me that our neighbor lost some of the siding on his house. The wind pulled it off and tossed it across the yard.

But is March really the problem with our appliances and light bulbs, or could it be something else? Could it be Tyche (pronounced tayh-kee)? Have you heard? There may be a newly discovered planet in our solar system. It’s still a hypotheses, but this would be our ninth planet, and it could be hanging out there on the fringes of our neighborhood – um, solar system. And get this, they think it’s four times the size of Jupiter.

They named it after a gal this time, and she’s as fickle as March. If she’s of a mind, she can give you a fortune the next time you buy that lottery ticket, or she can just as easily wreak havoc on your life. Beware, there could be a new girl in town.

Tyche (pronounced tayh-kee) is derived from the Greek word for “providence, fortune” and the Roman “fortuna.” It also refers to the ancient Greek goddess of spirit and fortune – a tutelary deity that oversees the destiny of a city. The Greek historian Polybius believed that when no direct cause could be identified for floods, drought or frosts, the blame fell on Tyche’s shoulders. A capricious dispenser of both good and ill will, Lady Luck giveth and taketh away.

The daughter of the  Titans Oceanus and Tethys, Tyche is often depicted holding a large cornucopia from which an abundance of coins fall – representing good luck and fortune. She also holds a rudder – helping her to guide and conduct the fates of the world. Finally, a ball completes her regalia, representing the unsteadiness of any given fortune.

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Basically, they named the latest planet after a temperamental sort.

Back to my freezer…

It’s only two-years-old, but water is running out of the door where the ice usually exits. Fortunately, it’s still under warranty. The repairman has ordered the parts. They’re expected to arrive in about 5 to 7 days.

New planets… March winds in February… anything could happen!

I’m buying that lottery ticket!