Dad and Trader Joe’s

by Bella Rum

It’s dark out now, but the days are getting longer, and soon it will still be light at this time. I’ll be sitting on the deck and giving H tips on how to run his barbecue operation.

I just (as we say here) cracked the window a couple of inches. It’s warm out tonight, and theΒ  (not quite tropical) breeze is slithering under the window. I can feel it snaking up my shirt. The train is whistling in the distance.

The arrival of spring is like giving birth. It’s violent and sweetly anticipated all at the same time. We drove down to see Dad today, and we we ran into a horrible thunder-storm and high winds on the way home. HORRIBLE! Auntie Em would have been impressed by this storm. It was an end-of-the-world type storm. H slept through the entire event. Rain was pounding on the roof of the car. It was so loud that I turned the radio off because I couldn’t hear it, but he slept on.

Visibility was reduced to practically zero. I had to get in the SLOW lane, and I never get in the slow lane.

I make jokes about H’s unflappability and his enviable ability to sleep through anything, but I actually find it comforting. The world can turn upside down, and he just puts one foot in front of the other (or one snore after another). It’s somehow encouraging.

We stopped at Trader Joe’sΒ  on the way home because
πŸ™‚ Susan πŸ™‚
wrote this interesting post about Trader Joe’s over at Bear Swamp Reflections, and I hadn’t been there for a while. I forgot to take the list of her suggestions, but we found several things we were interested in: brie cheese, a nice red wine, baked lentil chips and habanero & lime salsa.

It was a good day, but there are changes in Dad. It’s to be expected but never easy.