by Bella Rum

It’s been all repairs all the time around here lately. The repairman came a few days ago and replaced the ice maker in my fridge. What is it with refrigerators these days? Is it my imagination or do they break every five minutes. Our last one caught fire when it was only about seven-years-old. Back in the day, I had one for twenty years that was still working when we sold the house and left it there. Dad still has one of these in his basement…… and it still works! I googled 1930’s-refrigerators-image and found this photo. Can  that be possible?

We had to return our DVR and get a new one. It was making clicking and clacking and hissing noises. I thought I was living with Linda Blair. I won’t bore you with the entire tedious story, but the first one we brought home didn’t work. Of course, Comcast wouldn’t admit that until H had wasted hours on the phone with them – trying everything in the book to get it to work. He has way more patience than I do – too much, in my opinion. They finally admitted that it was never going to work. We returned it and started again. I think this one is a winner.

The sink in the master bathroom was an easy fix. It wasn’t draining properly. H took it apart and cleaned it, and it’s working again.

My nephew is back at work. They ran a bazillion tests before releasing him from the hospital, but nothing indicated an issue that could have caused loss of consciousness and a seizure. My brother is very concerned that it will happen again.  Of all the repairs needed around here, this is the one I most wish had been successfully concluded.