by Bella Rum

This is the view from my son’s apartment. It’s the NBC building. Built in the 1980’s, I’m told its vertical lines, rounded edges, and tiered setbacks scream “Art Deco!”

I’m pretty sure I shot this flask-shaped building, Lake Point Tower, from every angle. We walked around it all day. It kept showing up in my photos… again……and again… and again.The scoop is that it’s made numerous appearances in numerous movies, Batman (dont’ know which one) and While You Were Sleeping, starring the lovely Sandra Bullock, to name two.

We rode in this.

I ate the best pizza I ever had – Chicago-style pizza. We got it at Gino’s East. If you go to Chicago, don’t leave without trying it. ~

Do you remember the” cheeseborger, cheeseborger, cheeseborger SNL skit? We ate “Cheezborgers! Cheezborgers!
No fries, cheeps! No Pepsi, Coke!”?

at the famous Billy Goat Tavern!
This was the only museum we visited and you know why.That would be these little guys.Don’t think for a minute that we didn’t absorb some local culture, though. We enjoyed the arts plenty. Theater specifically.Is this ingenious? Or what? Enthusiastic tunes were playing, and someone was operating the puppets from inside the box.  We should all make one of these right now. The person inside that box made twenty bucks just while we were standing there – you know it was tax-free. You don’t think he had to pay a bazillion dollars for a permit or anything, do you?And I have it on good authority that the target audience was highly entertained.That was about as much culture as we could absorb with two little ones along. We saw the bean, of course. H beaned himself in the head with it.There you have it – our version of Chicago! It’s a city with something for everyone: clean streets, beautiful architecture, great food and entertainment for all ages. Loved it!