Welcome to the neighborhood…

by Bella Rum

Good heavens, we’ve experienced a burst of petty crimes around here. Usually a pretty tranquil area, suddenly our neighborhood and surrounding communities have become hotbeds of mailbox smashing, car theft, church vandalizing, etc. Yes, we usually have a little spurt of minor shenanigans when warm weather arrives, but it has a different feel to it this year.

A few minutes after a neighbor walked by her mailbox with her little boy, it exploded. It was a homemade bomb that had nails and such in it. Is that shrapnel? The police are taking it very seriously. Apparently there have been similar incidents in surrounding neighborhoods. Good times. Kids used to be content with smashing a mailbox or torching the plastic one.

On other fronts, H finished spreading the mulch, and the yard looks beautiful. Mulch is much like snow, it covers all the uglies and makes it all pretty. H has always loved working around the house, especially in the yard, but I think it has lost its luster.

Whether it be a condo or a house that requires less maintenance, we’d like to move. If the market would only pick up. I don’t want to put my house on the market and twiddle my thumbs while it sits there month after month. And the idea of keeping my house show-ready for months makes my skin jump. We’re thinking next spring. If things don’t pick up by then we’ll just bite the bullet and jump in the deep end, but no matter where we go, you will still be my next door neighbor.