Today is the Day

by Bella Rum

I’m off to see my doctor. This is the six month check-up after the cardioversion. I’m a little nervous. I hope I haven’t gone back into A-Fib. I feel palpitations occasionally. Not sure what that’s all about.

I was in the office last week but it was only for the PT test – to see if my blood was thin enough. It was perfect. I’ve stayed in my target range for three or four months now. GO me!

Shortly after we walked into the waiting area, a lady approached H, handed him a card and assured him that Jesus loved him. Ever the gentleman, he said, “Thank you.”

She proceeded to offer me the same card, and she gave me the same assurance that Jesus loved me. I said no thank you to the card. I thought I was polite, I just didn’t think one family needed more than one card encouraging them to repent because the end is near. That’s the kind of message you only need once. After that, it loses its wow factor.

I guess I hurt her feelings because she went back to her seat and stared at me for a few minutes – an intense stare. Then she went to the water cooler and drew two cups of water and started offering them to people, always assuring them that Jesus loved them. And I declined the water, too. Politely!

This was the conversation on the way home.

H ~ You were kind of direct with that lady.

Me ~ All I did was say, “No thank you.”

H ~

Me ~ Look, I just think everyone should be able to believe what they believe. I don’t think people should proselytize to a captive audience.

H ~ She was just a crazy, old lady, and you managed to out crazy her.

Me ~ Me? You’re the one who encouraged her. You‘re the one who accepted that card.

H ~ She was harmless.

Me ~ She was proselytizing in a DOCTOR’S OFFICE.

H ~ She was dressed fine.

Me ~ What?

H ~ I thought she was dressed okay.

Me ~ What are you talking about?

H ~ She didn’t look like a prostitute.


File this one under H-isms. Yes, a new category. He earned it. So witty is he.