by Bella Rum

On Friday, when my doctor’s visit was over, I could see that H had been talking to a man while he waited for me. Let me rephrase that. A man had been talking to H. He was very energetic. He was sitting across from H, and he was gesturing enthusiasticlly and talking nonstop. H was glassy-eyed, and I could see that his right ear was ragged from the fellow chewing on it.

I asked H what he was talking about. It was politics – the other religion.

I asked what his suggestions were, because I knew he had some ideas. H said he had several ideas, but the one H liked the most was his enthusiastic intention to “get rid of all the politicians.” H said he had some very unconventional ways of doing that. The man declared, “All you’d have to do to get rid of all the politicians¬† is close down all the liquor stores, and throw all the prostitutes out of DC. All the politicians would leave like rats deserting a ship.”

His dislike of government wasn’t limited to Federal. He hated his local government, too. H said he was very knowledgeable about local officials and their affairs, both official and personal.

He also believed that all wars should be halted immediately. His granddaddy always told him that you should never fight a man in his own backyard. Granddaddy also said you should take care of your own before giving your groceries away to others.

Maybe I titled this post incorrectly. I don’t really think this guy was a wingnut. He didn’t seem to be angry at one particular party. He was very frustrated, and I have to say, he isn’t alone. These are tough times for a lot of people, and apparently a lot of them see my doctor.