snacks and storms and farmer’s markets

by Bella Rum

H is still sleeping, and why not? It’s only 4:30 a.m., and it’s still dark outside. I’m sitting here munching on Trader Joe’s roasted plantain chips. You must try. Full disclosure requires me to tell you that they do have calories (140 calories for 20 chips), and a side order of self-control is recommended.

We had thunderstorms last night, and there were flash flood warnings. We’ve had several storms over the past couple of weeks, and we’ve seen a few downed trees and tree limbs on our morning walks. Dad’s phone has gone out a couple of times. Shrub trimming is on the agenda today. They are sprouting everywhere with all this rain. It was so dry last summer. Of course, we still have time to go dry.Β  It’s only the beginning of July.

So what else is on today’s list? Not much. We’ll probably hit the grocery store and our favorite farm stand. I love our farm stand. It’s run by several local families. The produce is incredible. I’ve already made two of the sweetest watermelons I’ve ever tasted disappear, and there’s a cantaloupe sitting in the fridge that’s just waiting for me.

The farmers’ kids run the 3 registers and stock the produce. It’s a thriving business and it does my heart good to see these kids hustling all over the place, being perfectly polite and never making anyone wait for service. Such work ethic, and believe me, they keep those registers cha-chinging all summer long. The produce is the best and isn’t it a bonus to give your money to local folks instead of supermarket chains?

Have a great weekend everyone!