see you on the flip side…

by Bella Rum

We’re leaving for Dad’s in a few minutes. C is taking an early flight to a family wedding. It’s 4:30 a.m. and I’ve been awake since 2 o’clock. Cwazy much? I woke to go to the bathroom, and my mind wouldn’t stop going over everything I had to remember.

I spent yesterday running around to grocery stores and cooking. I decided to make a few things so I wouldn’t have to cook so much while we’re there. I’ll have the side dishes and dessert (strawberry pie) all done, but I’m sure The Brother will have soft crabs for us. Yes, there will be frying. There, I said it.

I’m all packed, showered and dressed. H is in the shower now. We’ll throw everything in the car in a few minutes and drive down in the quiet darkness of predawn. There will be a couple of other cars on the interstate with us, probably filled with vacationers headed for the beach. H will sleep… well, because he can. I will drive because I can stay awake. I’ll fill my travel mug with hot, milky tea and sip away as the miles fall away.

I’m taking H’s laptop. I hope to get a few pictures while I’m there and eat some veggies from the garden (not fried). Have a great weekend! See you on the flip side.