by Bella Rum

One of us is off to the dentist this morning.

H is cursed with troubled teeth. It’s a shame. What can you say?

I’ve been very lucky, but even I am beginning to have some issues, mostly because I clinch in my sleep. Who would be surprised by that?

H is getting a tooth pulled this morning. Yes, I feel bad for him, but I can not tell you how overjoyed I am that it’s him and not me. I know how bad that sounds, but I’m not backing off it because you’d know I was lying. Even though I’m glad it isn’t me, I still have a nervous stomach. Just thinking about the dentist’s office makes me cringe. H is not concerned at all. He’s a little crazy that way. He fell asleep during a root canal once. The dentist told me that was a first in his career.

There will be soup for lunch and maybe dinner.

An implant is in his future. Do you know how much they cost?

Wonder what the tooth fairy will leave under his pillow?