Big News

by Bella Rum

It’s been crazy around here. I haven’t had time to breathe. I spent the last three days grocery shopping, cleaning the house, cooking favorite dishes and looking forward to seeing the grandchildren. Everyone descended upon our house yesterday. My son and his family arrived from the Midwest and my daughter-in-law’s parents and brother drove down from the northern part of the state.

We had a wonderful day. There’s nothing like sharing a meal with people you enjoy. My DIL’s father brought the meat – steak, chicken and lamb. It was marinated in a secret marinade that I’m sure we can weasel out of him. We set up the grill in the back yard.

TIP: My DIL’s father prefers a charcoal grill. I found one of those chimney charcoal starters that Ina Garten is always using.Ā  It was $10 dollars at Walmart, and it really works. You never have to use lighter fluid again. Put the charcoal in the top and a couple of sheets of newspaper in the bottom. Light the newspaper, and in a few minutes your coals are ready. Done!Ā 

It’s amazing how quickly kids grow. When they were small, the first day or two of their visit was spent getting reacquainted with us. By the time they were feeling at home, it would be time for them to leave. Now they rush in with open arms and start looking for their toys, their room, their stuff. Our house is their home away from home. It’s the best feeling.

When they arrived, we received some BIG news for our family. Horns and whistles please! Imagine our surprise when my son’s wife got out of the car and revealed a baby bump. This was a huge surprise for both sets of grandparents. They kept it a secret from everyone except her brother. We had a very sad experience a few years ago. They decided they would wait until all the tests were completed and the first trimester had passed. You should have seen our reactions. If emotions could be clowns and balloons and lions and tigers and bears, our front yard would have been a three-ring circus when we realized we were all going to be grandparents again.

The other big news is that they are planning to move back to the east sometime in the next year or two. They would like to live somewhere close to both sets of grandparents, but they could land back in NYC. Most of my son’s contacts are there. Either way, they will be closer to all of us. Good news all around!

You probably won’t hear from me again until they leave. A touch of insomnia gave me the opportunity to write this. Too much excitement. Think of me enjoying every minute of every day until you hear from me again.